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"Consider this... Consider this...
The hint of the century...

Consider this..."

– R.E.M.

Congratulations! We are impressed. Just the fact that you took the time to follow up on the idea of 'excellence' says volumes about you and your character.

What is this website about? It is designed to show you a small piece of a special place – a place where lives are changed and impacted for decades to come. 


So let the journey begin. Click on each of the three pages: The Pursuit of Excellence, The Pursuit of Happiness, and the Pursuit of Greatness. Then ponder who you know would most benefit from being at such a place.


The Pursuit of



The Pursuit of



The Pursuit of


The self-portrait (seen below) by Rembrandt, one of the greatest artists that has ever lived, will lead to a student-led dialogue on the value of human lifeWould you be curious to hear the depth of that discussion?  Would you want to witness (and marvel at) such an encounter?


If you think such a scenario would be great for your son or daughter (or for a family you know), you should take the time to follow up on what St. John-Emmanuel has to offer.

"Education is

not the filling of a pail,

 but the lighting of a fire."

Playing With Fire


We still stubbornly hold fast to the mistaken belief that education is a commodity, the stuff that one pours into empty vessels… Education is a playing with fire… Awake the student to the light in his/her own mind, and the rest of it doesn’t matter… What makes men and women free (and keeps them that way) is learning to trust their own thought, possess their own history, and speak in their own voices. It doesn’t matter how or when the mind achieves the spark of ignition… It only matters that it does. Science has long noted the sensation of joy produced by the chemicals in the brain when the mind is being put to creative and imaginative use.


–Lewis Lapham

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